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Angels Among Us
blends romance and science fiction into an intriguing look at what might be. Author C.E. Barrett takes the time-honoured question "What if--?" and applies it in a thought-provoking novel relevant to today's questions about same sex marriage. What if homosexuality was society's norm and heterosexual relationships were more than frowned upon? What if being hetero in public could get you killed? What if you were suddenly transported out of your world and met the woman of your dreams? Do you dare tell her how you feel?

Daffyd ap Owen faces just this scenario. Wealthy, famous and powerful, he risks it all for a chance at happiness.

Click on the Novel Excerpt button or here to read the first three chapters for a taste of what's in store.

Bailey Sullivan and the Girl in the Mirror
Bailey Sullivan and the Girl in the Mirror

Join 12-year-old Bailey Sullivan as she unravels the mystery of the girl in the mirror. When Bailey and her family move into their new home, she is drawn into solving the disappearance of the girl who used to live there.

Drawn into a web of murder and mystery, Bailey and her friends set out to prove that the missing girl, Faran Jamieson, is more than merely missing; she's been murdered by an abductor.

Read the first three chapters, then order your copy today.

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"Torin's Tales
Torin and Sunshine"
is the first novel released in the chronicles of Torin Invanusson of Destrain.

Now available from Extasy Books: A frankly erotic story of Torin's relationship with a woman of the Forest Folk, the wolf people whose true nature is a secret, but which Torin has known from a young age. Bound to a husband she detests by the vows she has taken, Sunshine finds romance and passion with the handsome soldier, Torin, Captain of the Queen's Guard.

Where will their forbidden romance take them?

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