Angels Among Us


Readers Speak Out

Here are reactions from readers of "Angels Among Us". First and foremost, I want to share one reader's concerns. She wrote:

"I enjoyed the story very much. The storyline stayed with me - I thought it was unique and engrossing. But I had a problem with the sex scenes. Even though I can see that the intimacy was necessary to the story, I still didn't like the explicitness."

She went on to say: "I congratulate you on an excellent, original story. Your characters are wonderful. The premise is unique. I could not stop reading. You're a wonderful, talented writer, Chris."

Other readers' comments:

"It's a dizzying surreal adventure of dreamlike displacement, where other beings can study the nature of humankind and respective mental adjustment to the alternate reality in which they must survive.It's a psychological sci-fi that challenges the idea that we are the superior race. Gripping."

"I plan on reading it over & over again!! It was absolutely incredible, when does the sequel come out?"

"I just finished reading 'Angels'. Do you have the sequel ready to publish? If not, why not? it is super ..."

What they're saying about Bailey Sullivan and the Girl in the Mirror.

"...a tightly woven mystery..."

"My 13 year old granddaughter couldn't put it down, and neither could I. Great story."

"When's the sequel coming out?"

And comments from readers of my online story at Opendiary:

"I just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your writing. I am a lover of the Dragonlance series and have had trouble finding any other sci fi/fantasy writer I liked as well. You seem to fit my bill. ;) Thanks for writing..."

"Good literature is still in demand and this is not good, it is great!"

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